The two happy winners or Delices and Gourmandises sweepstake both received a touchpad

The Internet is now a real Ali Baba’s cave for those who appreciate good food and wants to find new delicacies on the online sell websites as Delices and Gourmandises. This site offers a wide range of products that goes from candies to high quality French wines and croissants and similar products, and some good surprises for its customers.

Leone, surprised to have won a touchpad at the Delices and Gourmandises sweepstake

As everybody, I used to go shopping in the supermarkets, with the caddy and my handbag. But since a few months, it was quite difficult for me to go on this way; I think I’m too old.

One of my friends told me about Delices and Gourmandises which presents in its catalog of products all my weaknesses as sweets and candies, pastries and good wines. I now can buy all I need for me and my visitors without going out; I just need to go on the site and order with a few clicks.

That’s how I became one of the most regular customers of the site. Moreover, this loyalty has been recently rewarded with a touchpad. This device makes the task of ordering simpler as I can take it anywhere and connect to the web no matter where I am as soon as there is an internet connection.

Marie still cannot believe she won a touchpad form Delices and Gourmandises

friandisesI have always loved cooking and I really love preparing meals and make pastries for my family. And when I go shopping, on line or at the supermarket, I also carefully select what I give to my husband and children to eat. I tried the product proposed by Delices and Gourmandises and was immediately seduced by the quality. I have never been deceived by them.

The unique surprise I had, and I wish it is not the last, is when I have been selected in the site’s sweepstake and won a touchpad which costs almost more than 200 euros. Even if technology is not really my cup of tea, this little device conquered me. It is so simple of use and I can take it wherever I go. I can even pass my orders for my online shopping with it!

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