Taste Delices and Gourmandises crispy palm trees

The hearts of France had to have a prominent place in Delices and Gourmandises catalog, as these puff pastry-based treats are known throughout the world.

The palm trees, at the heart of all Delices and Gourmandises

While avoiding to go back to the Neolithic and the first cake made of a porridge of cereal cooked on a stone heated by the sun, one can say that the history of little palm trees tarts with the puff pastry. Created by the Greeks long ago, it became popular durant the Renaissance thanks to the Italian pastry makers of Catherine de Médicis.

palm treesKnown as the orejas (ears) in Mexico, or “pig’s ears” on the other side of the Atlantic, the palm tree is a heart-shaped pastry made from puff pastry, without yeast, sprinkled with sugar before baking. Once you get a taste at Delices and Gourmandises pure butter recipe, you’ll be hooked. Fold the two sides towards the center so as to have the two folds meet exactly at the middle of the dough. Then cut nice slices and sprinkle them evenly with sugar before baking them.

Even if their name changes from a country to another, the recipe is always the same and accessible to all amateurs, except for the somewhat delicate preparation of puff pastry. Fortunately, you can easily buy ready-made pastry. All you’ll have to do is spread the dough to form a large rectangle.

Try Delices and Gourmandises butter palms trees

Small or large, palm trees must be perfectly crisp and golden brown. The sugar which lightly caramelises during baking gives them that characteristic color that’s alsmost impossible to resist. Delices and Gourmandises has fully understood this and its nice heart-shaped butter palms trees are so crisp that they will delight all taste buds served with coffee or tea or as a dessert accompaniment.

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