Delices and Gourmandises blackcurrant wine recipe

Blackcurrant liqueur wine is prepared with neutral alcohol and pulps of this dark berry. This cream is then mixed with dry white wine or strong red wine (depending on region). If you want to prepare your own blackcurrant cream-based wine, Delices and Gourmandises offers you this easy-to-make recipe.


blackcurrant delices gourmandisesTo make blackcurrant wine (or cream) for about 10 people, you need:

– 1 kg of blackcurrant
– 1 liter of white alcohol or fruit alcohol
– 800 g of sugar
– Blackcurrant leaves
– 1 cinnamon stick
– 25 cl of water

Blackcurrant wine preparation

– Wash and remove the blackcurrants then mash them coarsely.
– Prepare a syrup by boiling water and sugar for about ten minutes. Let cool.
– spread the pre-cleaned blackcurrant leaves in a large bowl, add the cinnamon stick, alcohol and the blackcurrants berries.
– Pour the syrup over the mixture.
– Close tightly and let marinate for about a month out in the sun or in a warm place until fermentation is complete.
– Strain the drink with a clean cloth. Make sure to fully extract the juice by twisting the cloth.
– Keep the liquor into a bottle and let stand at least 1 month before serving.

You can serve it as an aperitif by white wine, red or rosé adding (1/5 of blackcurrant liqueur for 4/5 white wine or red wine) as you wish. If you have patience, it’s better to let your wine sit for a couple of months before drinking it.

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