Ariane won a LCD TV from Delices and Gourmandises

My grandchildren really appreciate to come to see me. In fact, they love the delicacies and the candies I buy on Delices and Gourmandises that I always keep for them. But even if they like the candies and the moment they sped with granddad, they always complain about my TV that they cannot use with their video game console. In fact my TV is really old and I have already thought of buying a new one but I could never decide to do it. I’m so glad I did not because Delices and Gourmandises offered me one big LCD TV to reward me for my loyalty.

My story with Delices and Gourmandises began with fruit jellies

The first time I heard about Delices and Gourmandises was at one of my friend’s house. We were playing cards when his wife brought us a dish full of colored fruit jellies. I found the candies really delicious as they were not so sweet and did not stick on my denture. I also appreciate the fact that the taste of the fruits was practically perfect. When I arrived home, I decided to buy some for the next visit of my grandchildren. But when I saw the catalog of the site, I was absolutely delighted of its content. I add brandied chocolates and Turkish delights to my order. When my children saw me giving candies to their children, they quite yelled at me but when they tasted some of the fruit jellies, they also asked me where I found such delicious little things. Since this day, Delices and Gourmandises is the official confectioner of the family.

When the family greed is rewarded

We also used to order pastries on Delices and Gourmandises for our breakfast and for tea time. All orders are placed under my name so I was classified as one of the most loyal customer of the site. This allowed me to take part at the sweepstakes they regularly organize. I did not expect to win something so I was really surprised to learn that I won one of the biggest prizes: a LCD TV. This was the perfect gift they can give me. However, my grandchildren were the most happy of us! I really thank Delices and Gourmandises team for this gift!


  1. A very kind gesture from Delices and Gourmandises’ team to offer such a big gift! My wife hope to win TV too but for me I really want the check of 9,000£ from Delices and Gourmandises! I’d like to renew our house for our children and grandchildren as they regularly come to visit us! It is so old! Anyway, we really love the Delices and Gourmandises’ products and we will remain one of their loyal clients with or without gifts!

  2. I was selected to participate on the sweepstake organized by Delices and Gourmandises but I did not have the chance to win yet! Maybe next time but I will keep ordering my sweets on its website! All my family appreciates its products and we all became addicted to Delices and Gourmandises’ delicacies!

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